Chinese Taipei - U17 KWC

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Team Chinese Taipei
Organization committee U17 KWC Schijndel
The Netherlands

We are the only Asia team in this tournament and we have young players. However, we are younger, but we have speed and passion. We will do our best to bring more energy and give the spectators the perfect games!
4 Yun-Chen Wu
5 Hui-Yu Chu
7 Fei-Yi Su
9 Chia-Jung Yu
11 Ting-Yi Kao
14 Hao-Jou Huang
15 Ya-Ting Chang
16 Chen Tang

1 Hao-Wei Wu
2 Chin-Jui Chang
3 Yu-Hao Lin
6 Chun-Yu Tai
8 Yu-Hsin Chen
10 Yun-Chih Ku
12 Sheng-Han Kao
13 Po-Cheng Chen

Hsing-Jen Kung
Assistant coach:
Chien-Feng Hsu
Team manager:
Yu-Ling Chien

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