Germany - U17 KWC

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Team Germany
Organization committee U17 KWC Schijndel
The Netherlands

The team of Germany is ready for the KWC in Schijndel this year. We had an intensive preparation the last two month with training sessions nearly every weekend. The players’ focus is only on the national team, because the German season already ended in May. Most of the female players have played the U17 KWC in 2016, but there are just three boys, who have that experience. But due to the amount of training sessions, the two young coaches could form a good team, with the right mix of experience, spirit and motivation.
1 Luisa Abrahams
2 Lea Heinzel
17 Lea Göbel
7 Rhena Schütz
4 Lorena Sellinghoff
3 Hannah Heilmann
8 Paula Berge
6 Clara Müller

13 Jonathan Anand
12 David Kutschera
9 Johannes Hauffen
10 Theo Nowak
19 Jonathan Troche
20 Jan-Robert Heming
15 Niko Heisterkamp
16 Jakob Tewinkel

Thorben Hussmann
Team manager:
Hannah Freund
Matthias Freund
Johanna Radimeczy
Ina Heinzel

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