Hungary - U17 KWC

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Team Hungary
Organization committee U17 KWC Schijndel
The Netherlands

The members of this Hungarian U17 national team were selected from 5 clubs’ players. After a long preparation, physical tests and hard trainings these sixteen boys and girls fought their way into the travelling squad. They are young, most of them will have another chance in the next year to prove themselves again in this world cup. There are also players for whom this will be the last year at the U17 stage. But in the last season some of them already played in the first and second league in Hungary. It must be a very interesting, exciting and memorable week and tournament for them in Holland, hopefully with good results and a lot of fun.
6 Viola Rupp
1 Eniko Szigeti
4 Lili Szamkó
12 Sára Katica Bíbor
7 Tamara Csilla Bellusz
13 Fruzsina Vajda
24 Hanga Varró
17 Anna Laki

10 Róbert Szélyes
14 Attila Fejes
8 Domonkos Bottlik
30 Máté Eszenyi
15 Dániel Csodó
11 Nándor András Stverteczky
9 Miklós Barischin
18 Bálint Hu-Yang

Barnabás Hack
Team manager:
Tamás Áron Berényi
Other officials:
Zsolt Ferenc Majer
Viktor Zsolt Bellusz
Kristóf Tamás Bellusz

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