RTC South - U17 KWC

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Team RTC South
Organization committee U17 KWC Schijndel
The Netherlands

RTC South is glad that this tournament is an extra option for the team to play. However the team will not participate in ranking, the matches are a good way to develop the team, the individuals as well as the opponent. International development is in favour of all korfballplayers en besides that, much fun and a way to establish friendship. Many players will have the opportunity to play in this event. Because of other obligations and because of no ranking, all players involved RTC South U17 will feel the international action of korfball.
Female Saturday
56 Marloes Beukema
3 Sam de Kok
9 Janne van Bussel
2 Renske Relou
48 Kimberly Gerstel
53 Abigail Slegers
43 Mara van de Westelaken

Male Saturday
33 Daan van Montfort
91 Mitch Bogers
90 Coen Spoor
50 Stefan Klokgieters
59 Sander Jansen
31 Daan Appelhof
32 Sam van der Kaaden

Female Sunday
48 Kimberly Gerstel
43 Mara van de Westelaken
55 Nadine Andriessen
28 Laura Rutjes
26 Renske van den Heuvel
23 Lauke van Delft

Male Sunday
59 Sander Jansen
32 Sam van der Kaaden
36 Maikel Peeters
51 Ties de Ruiter
33 Tim Sponsolee
91 Niels Hendriks

Leander van Bijsterveld
Petra Geelhoedt
Team manager:
Marion Relou
Other officials:
Karin Creemers
Wilco van den Bos

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