The Netherlands - U17 KWC

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Team The Netherlands
Organization committee U17 KWC Schijndel
The Netherlands

The Dutch team under 17 years will try again to remain the world title in the Netherlands.
Every year they are favourite, but still they have to live up to the expectations. They train very hard but there will be a totally different team than the former edition, when the Netherlands was a‘Dreamteam’ according to the Technical Director of the KBKB.
Anyhow, the Netherlands will do their best to capture the title again, even though there is expected to be severe resistance from the opponent Belgium.
1 Annelotte Roozenboom
2 Cailin Keller
3 Eke Slager
4 Stephanie van Geffen
5 Annick van der Kooij
6 Roos Scherrenburg
7 Michelle in ‘t Veen
8 Tessa Lap

11 Jimmy Swikker
13 Timo van Dieren
14 Victor Entken
15 Jacco Boonstra
16 Stan Postma
17 Marvin Piepers
18 Mart Vrielink
20 Bonne Bus

Barry Schep
Team Manager:
Dick van Remmerden
Ass. Coach:
Kim Senneker
Inge Jansen
Sandra Chung

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