About thIS 22 nd EVENT

We are proud to organize a great youth tournament for the national teams from all around the world. A partnership between four clubs in Eindhoven (Attila, DSC, PSV/lifovragen.nl and Rust Roest) will result in a good host for the teams, the officials and the public.

In two days the teams play matches in round about format and after the first round there will be cross matches and finals. Always real playing time, shotclock 25 seconds and a winner must be determined, possibly by golden goal.

The audience will be able to watch the exciting and beautiful actions of the competitions in both halls, live or by livestream.

U17 KWC great opportunity

Young players will develop skills and experience during this event. Most players will play for the first time in the national team that represents their country. Playing in and having the best Korfball can get. Have fun, enjoy. Spectators will also enjoy the environment, the atmosphere and the youthful way of playing, dynamically and without borders. Come, see and be part of it!

  • Free entrance

  • Free parking for cars and busses

  • Coach the coach traject by KNKV

  • Fairplay Cup

  • Livestream of all matches

  • Healthy and extensive range in canteen

from schijndel to eindhoven
(sTILL old Information!)

Kees Rodenburg, director of KNKV

This June the Under-Seventeen squads from around the world will once again meet at the U17 Korfball World Cup. For many years De Boemerang from Schijndel (now KVS’17) has shown extraordinary hospitality, and this year the honour has come to Eindhoven
where DSC, PSV/lifovragen.nl and Rust Roest will be our hosts.

Under17 is the first category where an IKF patronised event in korfball8 form takes place. Where in the past the U17 was an event for the beginning korfball player it has now become a stage for the trained player
who’s had several years of experience already. This explosive growth has been of such great proportions that the creation of an international Under-Fifteen event korfball8 has become a short term priority.

Alongside the by now experienced European nations we have
a new team joining us this year: New Zealand. With great curiosity and enormous respect the KNKV look forward to this team’s performance. It is incredible how this team has made the long and costly journey without any governmental support. And let us not forget Slovakia. Korfball has been tackled most excellently in their educational environment which has led them to this U17 participation. Unfortunately the Chinese Taipei team is absent. Maybe one of the outsiders can take their spot and threaten Belgium and the Netherlands top spots.

The Netherlands have once again brought an incredibly strong team, a team which has already achieved victory over a number of senior teams during the preparation for this event. They come with two missions: first
they aim to be the best and secondly they strife to set an example for how
professional korfball players are meant to behave. They are after all uniquely privileged to have all of their players be a part of the strongest club league of the world.

From all of us at the KNKV we wish you a sportsmanlike
and attractive tournament.

organization committee

This event is organized by four different korfballclubs from Eindhoven, a partnership in which the joint importance of korfball promotion and development comes first. Fortunately, a lot of input came from the organization of earlier editions in Schijndel. Thanks a lot KVS'17 (former known as KV de Boemerang.)

The Organization Committee (OC) is formed by members of:

Vijfkamplaan 5
5624 EB
July 2-3, 2022
Free Entrance