Relive the tension of U17 KWC 2017

Relive the tension of U17 KWC 2017

In two weeks, the 2018 edition of the U17 Korfball World Cup will be held in Eindhoven. With 10 countries and over 150 youth players the international top of the future will play with and against eachother.

Previous edition of 2017, videos from the bronze medal game England - Chinese Taipei and from the final The Netherlands - Belgium are shown on the Youtube channel KNKV Korfbal. Relive the thriller for bronze, admire the beautiful actions and the battle for the highest achievable, enjoy what the youth shows.

England - Chinese Taipei bronze medal game 2017

The Netherlands - Belgium final game 2017

Vijfkamplaan 5
5624 EB
June 29-30
29-06-2019 / 30-06-2019
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