IKF Asia Oceania Korfball Championship
Sunday, July 29, 2018
About this event:

The next IKF AOKC - IKF Asia Oceania Korfball Championship - is awarded by IKF Asia and IKF Oceania to the Japanese Korfball Association.

The event will be played in Saitama, located north of Tokyo.

The event dates will be 29 July - 5 August 2018.

Update 28 May: 11 National teams from Asia and Oceania will be in competition. Unfortunately Sri Lanka had to withdraw from the IKF AOKC. Due to serious weather conditions in Sri Lanka, floodings, wounded and even dead pepole the country has other priorities than playing korfball in the IKF AOKC.

The IKF wishes the people and the korfball players from Sri Lanka all the best in the near future. We hope the repair work will be done promptly an the wounded persons will fully recover.

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